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Conditions of purchase

MEPHISTO WEB-SHOP, Nodilova 7, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia – purchase in Mephisto web-shop


These conditions define the procedure of ordering, delivery and returning or reclamation of merchandise offered on our web-page.

Vendors of merchandise offered on these pages is :
 Koleks d.o.o., MEPHISTO WEB SHOP, Nodilova 7, Zagreb
OIB: 31041897589   MB: 1469169,

And the buyer of merchandise is the visitor of online shop who chooses at least one article, fills the electronic form for order and sends it to vendors.
All prices are expressed in € but are related to the Croatian National Bank exchange rate on the day of purchaseand and they include tax.


Ordering of merchandise is possible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Ordered articles can be payed easily and safely with one of these credit cards: American Express, Diners, Mastercard or Visa. Service of safe Internet-management is provided by T-Com Pay Way.

Payments are also possible by virman (in post office, Fina, bank..) on account number in Raiffeisenbank  2484008-1100274374 with indication of payment for web-shop. On our e-mail  you will send the name of model and size that you chose, as well as your addres and telephone number.


The buyer will receive notificaion of confirmation about his order on his e-mail address after the purchase is done and has all detailes approvedby the law.



Ordered merchadise will be delivered within :

  • CROATIA 48 hours
  • EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland 3-5 days
  • US, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Repubilic of Korea 6-12 days
  • Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro 3-5 days

Delivery is performed by:
                          CROATIA   e-package Croatian post office

Delivery Worldwide is performed by:
                          Croatian post and partners of Croatian post in delivery countries

If the merchandise is not available, the vendors will inform the buyer (by e- mail or telephone call) about possible dadline of delivery. At that point, the buyer can accept the new deadline or cancel the order. If the customer decides to cancel the order- vendors will return the money within 30 days since the delay started, increased by penalties.

When the customer receiver his order to his address, he is obligated to check the merchandise and establish if there are any damages. If there are damages, customer needs to immediately return the package to deliverer (if there are visible external  damages ). The merchandise is insured from delivery loss, si if the customer doesn’t receive his order (or isn’t informed by vendors/post office about some kind of delay) within 30 days, customer needs to contact vendors about that, so the vendors can take neccessary action to find the package or send replacement.



The delivery for Croatia is free of charge.
The delivery for EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland is approximately 10 €
The delivery for US, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Repubilic of Korea is approximately 20 €
The delivery for Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro is approximately 10 €


If the model or color doesn’t fit the customer, there is a possibility of replacement within 7 days. Customer needs to contact web-shop on e-mail : about that refund. When the refund is confirmed from our side, customer needs to send the package (on his own expence) to the address : MEPHISTO-SHOP, Nodilova 7, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia. The shoes need to be packed the same wey they were received with eritten request for new size or color (the same request that was sent by e-mail).Then Mephisto web-shop delivers new shoes  free of charge in wanted size or color.


Customer has the right to complaint if ther were any damages on the shoes within 7 days. Before sending the shoes back, they need to be cleaned and an e-mail needs to be sent that explains the complaint about the merchandise on e-mail address : . As well, written explination needs to be sent with the shoes to address MEPHISTO-SHOP, Nodilova 7, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia, with indication on the package „For WEB-SHOP complaint“ . When we receive the shoes,we will check the quality to determin what is the damage and if the repair is possible. Deadline for resolving complaints is 15 working days from the day the package has been received. Manufacturer is not responsable for any mechanical damages that can occure on top or the sole of the shoe by walking, jumping, sliding or similar activities that can damage the shoes.


Mephisto shop is obligated to protect vunerable dana of its customers, they collect just necessary basic data about customer that they need to carry out our obligations, to inform customer of way we use collected data, give customers possibility of choice about using their data, including possibility of decision if they want or not for their names to be removed from the list that is used for marketing. All data about customers are kept safe and are available only  to employees that need them for doing their job. All Mephisto-web shop employees and bussiness partners are accountable to respect the terms of privacy protection.


We hold the right for errors in description, price or photography of merchandise.

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